'King Lear' by Classic Theatre Cumbria



The event will start with time and a beautiful space for picnic's in the gardens! Guests able to start arriving from 5pm and ensured to have a glorious start to the night. 

There will be a bar available plus nibbles from the Hall's cafe. Indulge yourself at this stunning setting and spectacular performance. 


It is not often that King Lear is performed outside the professional theatre or indeed in Cumbria. This is an experience and opportunity that does not come along often, let alone in the year in which we mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. The play offers wonderfully strong, well-drawn characters, and of course the beautiful language of Shakespeare, a joy to speak and to hear. One of Shakespeare’s strengths is how well he can create characters; in King Lear his art is at its pinnacle. It is a play I have loved for a long time, and in Classic Theatre Cumbria I knew we had the talent to present it. Early rehearsals have already proved exciting, and I know our King Lear will live long in the hearts of those who come to see it.
- Mike Head

More info to follow!